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Choosing a perfect topic for your essay is a very important step in writing and you might be lost and terrified not knowing what to start from. However great essay ideas can be found everywhere so don’t panic. You can get inspiration for choosing a topic for your essay even while watching TV or looking through updates of your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can also use a quotation from your favorite book or a life motto of your favorite leader. The key here is to be creative.

Find a subject that suits you, something you are interested in. This subject must be appropriate to the purpose of your essay.

One of the best ways to get some good ideas is brainstorming. Just write down first subjects that come to your mind on a piece of paper. Try to make that list as long as possible. Then evaluate each subject by giving it certain points. Hence, the one which is the most appealing to you wins. After that part is done, it’s necessary to check your topic one more time. Ask yourself: is it specific enough or is it too general? For example, if you have named topic “Egypt” it can work only if you are writing an overview paper, but if you are about to write a specific analysis, you need to make sure you have chosen something narrow enough, like “Art of ancient Egypt” or “Politics in Egypt”.

Now you have an idea what to write about and your essay is half way done, because the better your topic is, the easier it will be to write your essay. Using these simple tips you can quickly find one perfect essay idea and get the creative process started.

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