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Looking for something easy to write about? You are knocking on the right door. Follow this guideline and on the way till the end you can already come up with a topic. Start thinking about something interesting or unusual, maybe even inspiring that happened to you or someone you know. The story itself will cover a lot of your essay’s space and in the end all you have to do is to write an extended conclusion to make it look like a finished essay.

Other easy topic to write about can be about something that changed your life significantly or something little but means a lot to you. You can write about it in a way of philosophical thinking: just let your thoughts flow freely onto the paper. If nothing springs in mind right away then maybe you would like to write a book review on your favorite novel. Briefly introduce the plot, main heroes, and key events to let the reader imagine the situation and then express your feelings, emotions and attitudes towards certain characters and their actions.

You can do a review on a movie too. Just choose your favorite one. Furthermore if you have a good imagination with no boundaries you can also write about “what if…” situation. For example, there is going to be no problems with writing a “if you had a million dollars” essay because it’s in the human nature that always needs new things and always has a special wish list.

By the way here is the list of some easy essay topics right below this sentence so feel free to find the perfect topic just for you.

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