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In this kind of essay you have to give not only information on a certain topic but also an argument with its advantages and disadvantages. The main idea of this essay is to persuade the reader to take your side.

The topic has to contain an argument, adequate support with facts, statistics, and historical examples.

You need to remember that your feelings can not be supported with any actual facts so donít build your essay around your attitudes towards a certain issue.

On the writing stage in the beginning you have to present your topic. Include a brief explanation of the issue with some historical background and a thesis statement.

In the argumentative essay statement of your position will make a thesis. In the body part present both of the controversial sides with some supporting evidence. Give the strongest evidence on your point of view to make your side stand out significantly.

Conclusion is there for you to sum everything up and give your point of view once again but in different words. The main rules for this kind of essay are: use only true evidence, donít make it up; do not use emotional language; choose the topic that really matters to you, something you are interested in so you will put some effort in research and writing process; donít claim to be an expert if you are not really one; quote reliable sources. Using this easy guideline try to express your viewpoint and persuade the reader to take your side. This task is not easy but if you are able to get somebody convinced then you know how to write an argumentative essay.

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